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Radio station "Vesti FM: Vladivostok"

"Vesti FM: Vladivostok" is one of the three regional radio stations in the structure of the STRC "Vladivostok".

It is a network partner of the "Vesti FM" (Moscow) Federal radio station.

Start of broadcasting in Vladivostok: August 26, 2011
Vladivostok city transmitter: 89.8 MHz

"Vesti FM" is an information-analytical radio station: news, live broadcasts of the most important events in Primorsky region and other regions of Russia, their detailed and timely peer reviews, reports, live broadcasts, special reports, firsthand analysts' comments are broadcasted on "Vesti FM".

In 2016 "Vesti FM: Moscow" and "Vesti FM: Vladivostok" have started live video broadcasting from the radio studios.

"Vesti FM: Vladivostok" has no analogues in Vladivostok, because it is the only radio station in the region that broadcasts in Talk News radio format.

Target audience: 25 y.o. and older, people that lead an active life and cannot imagine their live without news. Today, "Vesti FM: Vladivostok" is a part of STRC “Vladivostok” and has an access to the complete set of media assets, available to the STRC "Vladivostok".

According to the current broadcasting concept, "Vesti FM" operates at a frequency of 89,8 FM on weekdays from 06:00 to 00:00.
Regional radio networks broadcast from 45th minute of each hour from 6:45 to 22:45.

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