Special television project GTRK "Vladivostok" "Discover Primorye". Presentation of tourist projects of the Primorsky Territory on the international exhibition in Seoul

Special television project GTRK
Large exposure of a new form of tourist routes in Primorye is preparing for the show in the Republic of Korea in the international exhibition. Private R & D delegation to the seaside this representative international forum in Seoul - presentation of Primorye as the starting point of travel for "Eastern Ring of Russia".
After the successful launch of the new tourism potential at the international exhibition of Primorye PITE which was held in May on the island of Russian, the next step - to adequately represent its already internationally. This - the theme of the briefing of employees of the Department of Tourism and the tourist information center of Primorye.
Darya Guseva, head of the tourist information center of Primorsky Krai: "At the exhibition we will present a new KOTFA interregional route" Tiger diamond "that combines a stay in the Primorye Territory, familiarity with the natural potential, with our Amur tiger and a visit to the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia. This route is new, designed this year alone, in the TTP received positive feedback, and we therefore present it at the exhibition in Korea. "
Vladimir Shur, deputy director of the tourism department of the Primorsky Territory, "This year, the edge of the delegation will take part in the Harbin Fair, in September in Jati, in Japan and in October of CITMA, Shanghai. These are the sites that are the most promising, the most interesting for us. This is where the flow of the most high, the most suitable for the Primorye Territory. "
International exhibition in Korea will be held from 9 to 12 June, traditionally the stands there are about a hundred countries. Russia will take part in it for the ninth time. Primor is included in the unified national stand will present information materials, photos and video presentations in several foreign languages, bright souvenirs. The most important thing - the first time the presentation of the inter-regional routes in "Eastern Ring of Russia" approved by the experts of the second Pacific tourism forum. Unified brand territories of Siberia and the Russian Far East begins with the routes on the littoral.
Darya Guseva, head of the tourist information center of Primorye Territory: "We contacted the National Center of Tourism of Korea, this year they help us to present information note for Korean tourists arriving in Vladivostok, and in fact, they are recommended to us to enter into an agreement with the KATA (Korean Association Tour Operators Association), and we together with our department of Primorsky regional alliance of tour operators have signed this agreement, we have also planned to sign two agreements with travel agents who work on the road, send tourists on the ferry or air traffic. "
It should be added that a few days ago during the All-Russian Congress of Russian tourist information centers in the city of Svetlogorsk is the center of Primorye took second place in the competition "The operative Tourist Information Centre of Russia". Its main strategic goal - to go beyond the Maritime region, for example, "Open Primor 'main tourist project could be launched in other Russian regions. Now, when almost the entire territory covered by the edge of a network of modern air travel, the destinations of Primorye map for tourists from all over the world updated dramatically.

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